Getting a toned body: how do you do that?

A toned body is the ultimate goal for many. In this article you can read how you too can develop a tighter body. What do you have to do and not do for that? Read on and find out!

Tight body: what does it take?

Undoubtedly you have seen someone walking with a toned body and thought: I want that too!However, you usually do not just get a toned body. You will have to do a few things for that. The definition of a toned body is generally a body with a relatively low body fat percentage. Often it also contains a significant amount of muscle mass. As a result, there is a lot of muscle definition and everything looks a little tighter. For women, the goal is often to get a tight butt, legs and stomach. Men also often want a tight stomach and more muscle mass in combination with a lower fat percentage. How long it will take to get this done varies from person to person. It depends on how tight you are at the moment. For example, if you now have a relatively high fat percentage, it will take a little longer. You usually do not get a tight body within 1 month. You should rather think of at least about 3 months. So it’s a matter of patience, but then you also have something!

This is how you get a toned body

You now know what is meant by a toned body. And you also know that it takes a few things to achieve that. But how exactly should you approach this? How do you ensure that your body only gets tighter from now on? You will learn more about this in the rest of this article. It is often thought that developing a trained and fit body is difficult. However, it is not that bad once you know how it works. Once you understand the principle, it’s just a matter of doing it and persevering!

Tight body through strength training

Let’s start right away with something that is very important if you want to train your body more tightly. The best way to do that is through strength training. What we often see going wrong is that people start doing cardio with the aim of getting tighter. Sure, cardio is healthy and it will help you lose weight. Running or walking is a great way to develop a toned body. However, you do not build muscle mass with this, which makes you slimmer, but not necessarily tighter. Moreover, you burn more with an average strength training than with an average cardio training. If you do choose to do cardio, we especially recommend high-intensity high-intensity cardio. This is also known as HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Tighter body with good nutrition

Strength training is therefore the way to train a fit and toned body. However, you can still do so much strength training, but if you do not eat well you will never achieve your goals. A really fit and toned body is therefore “made” in the kitchen. Do you want to make your body slimmer or more muscular? Then it is important that you pay close attention to your diet. A good diet or eating schedule is desirable. If you already have some knowledge of nutrition, you can of course prepare it yourself. Do you have no idea how exactly to eat for effective fat loss? Download the Dry Training Kick-start immediately after reading this article . It explains how you should train and eat for a toned body. In addition, you will also immediately discover the biggest mistakes you can make.

A good dose of motivation

Training is important and nutrition is even more important. But there is also another important aspect for creating a toned body. That is your motivation. If your body doesn’t look that tight right now and you want to change that, it won’t happen on its own. You will have to work hard for it. You can only do that hard work if you are really motivated to achieve your goals. So determine for yourself why you would like to have a toned body and imagine what it would be like if you walked on the beach with a toned body next summer. If you know very well why you want something, you will be more inclined to work hard for it and forgo things. It would then be easier not to break that chocolate bar or bag of chips..

These are good sports for a toned body

As you have just read, we recommend doing strength training if you want a fitter and toned body. However, we understand that not everyone likes to hang from the weights and equipment. Some people just prefer to train in a different way. Although strength training is the most effective, the most important thing is to find a sport that you enjoy. If you really like a sport, it will be easier for you to keep up. And perseverance is a very important aspect when it comes to growing a toned body. Do you have yet to start exercising and are you not quite sure which sport you want to do? Below you will find a number of good sports to develop a trained and toned body:

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