Ultra University Management Information System

Ultra UMIS

UltraRate provides a complete Enterprise solution for the University Management that will automate and simplify all the operational requirements of a university. Our University management system provides a complete set of tools and applications that let you plan, execute, and analyze at both strategic and tactical levels as well as administering all university procedure as a mechanized system.

This system is a combination of Web, Desktop and mobile applications with a purpose to have a common repository for all university information.


Ultra UMIS holds the following information

  • University member’s personal information (Students, Teachers, Staff).
  • Degrees earned by the university member’s.
  • Courses taught by the university.
  • Exams and Exam Results.
  • Student course
  • Student transcripts.
  • Timetable
  • Attendance (student, teacher, staff).
  • Finance (student fee, lecturer salary, staff salary).
  • Reports system.
  • Library management.


The University Administration System ease of use and its dynamic features reduce the amount of staff time needed to keep this information up-to-date. It is based on the higher education credit system and offers the following functionalities:

Ultra UMIS can be used anytime, from anywhere, using any device.

  • Ad Hoc reporting tool to generate custom reports (students, university processes).
  • Separate roles and privileges interface for managing university users.
  • Extensive customization for lookup values assures that data entry is consistent with university terminology.
  • Build students schedule and attendance sheets.
  • Optimize university administration.
  • Build student result and transcript.
  • Kankur Online registration system


Beside the official (administration) work, UMIS provides some awesome functionalities for users specially lecturers and students to interact with each other. Here are some of these awesome features:

  • Student Selects their Credit (semester subjects) online
  • File sharing (Drag and drop)
  • Exam/Exam Result announcement (mobile notification)
  • Events (mobile notification)
  • Communication (massaging and emailing)
  • Forum (subject related discussion, student ranking)
  • Homework Assignment/Submitting (mobile notification)

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