Ultra Interaction System

interaction system

An interaction system between students, instructors and university administrators, a tool to facilitate or in some cases automate the process of interaction between university, lecturers, and students. This system is a web based application and has an android application and a desktop application so that it can be accessed effectively and easily.


How it works?

Every students and lecturer has an account in the system, after logging in they can easily interact with the system.

The system has three actors (three access level):

  1. University administrators.
  2. Lecturers
  3. Students
  1. University Administrators

Is a major and super admin actor in the Ultra Interaction System, this actor can access all the data stored in the database, manipulate user accounts, can send broadcast, multicast and unicast messages and notifications to users.


  1. Lecturers

Lecturers and students can access the system via a browser, lecturer could upload and share his course chapter, book and other educational materials with his course participants, a lecturer can create exam and define its date, can add (announce) exam result, can assign homework to his course participants, can create and announce an event, take attendance, can send and receive messages using the system.

When exam create, exam result added, chapter uploaded and etc. the system will automatically notifies the related students

  1. Student

Students can select their courses (credit subject), can view their exam result, send and receive instant message (chat), can post and share their problem, write and share articles, download course chapters, submit homework.

System advantages:

  • Provide easy and from anywhere communication way for system stockholders
  • Facilitate access to educational resource
  • Facilitate university announcements and notifications
  • Keep student and lecturers connected to each other and university.

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