Ultra Human Resource Management Information System

Ultra HR MIS

The HR MIS is a web based system, easy and powerful database which is fit the needs of small, medium and large-size businesses, provides boss, managers and staff with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage daily activity and processes of HR department.

The purpose of this application to have a common repository for all human resource department.

System scope

HR scope

System highlight features

  • Employee document management.
  • Job and responsibilities.
  • Education info.
  • Centralized leave management.
  • Employee promotion and increments (appraisal form) management.
  • Staff commutations from/to departments.
  • Manual attendance.
  • Staff’s warning.
  • Getting back from database as company schedule.
  • Easy and interactive GUI
  • Employees document management and notification.
  • Attendance
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Leave management.
  • Rule based security.
  • All the benefits and allowance calculation.
  • User Friendly reports (generating report as each department/leave/attendance.)
  • Auto backup as schedule.

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