Ultra thesis Management Information System

thesis MIS

Thesis Management Information System is a web based system and project management tools among students, supervisors and department head, to manage and monitor the projects, communicate though system, enable to assign task for students and send reports back by students, choosing supervisors, projects and messaging.

The purpose of this system to manage and control Final Year Defense Projects.

System user rights

  1. Department head
  2. Supervisor
  3. Teacher
  4. Student


System Specifications

  • Everyone should have account in the system which approved by department head.
  • Department head set the project times and post advertisement for starting project and everyone in the system will get notifications.
  • Students and supervisors suggest some project for selection, students have right to specify their supervisor too while suggesting projects which is approved by committee.
  • Supervisor and their student communicate through system.
  • Supervisor assign task for his supervisee, and student reply with report then supervisor mark the report based on task compilation.
  • Supervisor update the project progress every week, then department head has control to see the project progression statistics.
  • Supervisor gives overall final mark of very student projects, and report to department.
  • Department head preparing the presentation day, announce it in general.

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